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Dipping a toe in the water

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

So I thought I'd start a blog but being totally new to this have no idea where to begin. Actually I did once write a blog post on a previous incarnation of my website, which was about how, as an antenatal educator, we can sometimes feel damned if we do/damned if we don't. It generated a bit of a buzz, so I guess that's good!

So this is me (Zana: antenatal educator, breathing/relaxation teacher, hypnobirthing teacher, counsellor, mum to two adults and an eternal procrastinator) floundering around trying to work out how this all fits together. I think I'll just leave this post here while I go away and try and work out what I do with it now! If I get it to work, hopefully the next one will be more interesting. I thought I might start by explaining some stuff around birth; what some terminology means, what to expect at different times in labour, what's actually happening inside the labouring body, what dilation actually means, etc.

I know other people do this, and some people do it really well, but I think I'm pretty good at making it understandable and down-to-earth. We'll see!

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