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Breathing & Relaxation

You might have heard that 'the breathing' is supposed to be helpful for labour and birth but perhaps you're unconvinced or unsure how focusing on something you do, without thinking about it, all day every day, could make a jot of difference?!

Focused breathing goes hand-in-hand with feeling calm and relaxed. There are biological reasons for this. There are many benefits to feeling a sense of calm and control, whether for labour, for adjusting to life with a new-born baby and as a life skill. Some of these benefits are: 

  • Help with pain management

  • Help to remain calm during any medical procedures

  • Better oxygenation, so the muscles of your womb can work more smoothly and efficiently during labour

  • Release of physical tension (even when you didn't know you had any!)

  • Increased ability to release and cope with fears, worries and anxieties and to respond more calmly

  • Help you feel more in control

  • More oxygen for your baby in the womb helps to keep them healthy (especially useful if birth becomes more medicalised)

  • Conserve your energy

  • Help to sleep

  • Baby benefits from calmer parents too, both in the womb and after birth (self-calming is a life-skill for all!)

In response to demand for more about 'the breathing' for labour, Zana has developed this 2-hour breathing and relaxation workshop for you and your birth partner. 


This workshop is different from many other classes or apps you might find, because we know that one size does not fit all. If you're trying to follow an approach that doesn't suit you, or that you don't see the point of, then rather than feeling more calm and relaxed, you might end up feeling irritated, anxious or even believe that you can't do it! The last thing we want is for you to feel as if you've failed before you've even begun! We aim to build up your confidence alongside your skill-set.


When you understand the point of focused breathing for labour and birth and you've had the opportunity to practise lots of ways of approaching it, you'll find what works best for you. Then it's over to you to keep practising. We'll discuss how you can incorporate your new skills into daily life so that it becomes your new go-to skill whenever you'd benefit from feeling calmer, less anxious and more in control. Of course, it can help you manage pain better too.


Your 2-hour private, practical, tailored breathing and relaxation workshop will cover...

  • How and in what circumstances focused breathing and relaxation can help you, before, during and after birth, for you and your birth partner
  • Exploration of how to focus on the breath so you instantly feel calmer and more in control
  • Lots of time to experiment with different ways to focus so you find what works best for you (one size doesn't fit all)
  • Linking your breath with your body to relax and release your pelvic floor and ultimately your baby!
  • Breathing to reduce the pushing urge/to birth your baby's head slowly and calmly
  • Identifying your existing coping skills and how they might transfer into labour and beyond
  • Time for you to ask questions


We keep it simple so you don't have to learn lots of complicated breathing patterns, names, rhythms or "types". There's absolutely no 'huffing and puffing'!


If you like the idea of this workshop but feel like it's going to be really intense or embarrassing let's put your mind at rest right now. Zana is used to working with people who are worried, who feel self-conscious, and even some people who think they're going to feel really stupid or idiotic! As far as she's aware, no-one has ever felt that way working with her. A breathing & relaxation workshop might feel like a weird idea, somewhat outside your comfort zone, but Zana's relaxed and friendly approach quickly puts you at ease; even if you arrive feeling self-conscious you are highly unlikely to stay that way for long!  If you have any worries please just talk to Zana.


This 2-hour workshop costs £74 for you with/without your birth partner. Zana will work with you to find a mutually convenient date and time, which can include daytimes and evenings during the week and Saturday daytimes. You are welcome to contact Zana before and after your workshop if you have any questions or worries.


To book, contact Zana at or call/text 07905658386. Zana will usually respond Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.

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