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Audio Hypnobirthing Downloads now available separately

Now you can benefit from listening to Zana's exclusive WOW! Hypnobirthing tracks during your pregnancy even if you don't take the WOW! Hypnobirthing course. You can use the tracks on their own or in conjunction with one or more of Zana's private antenatal classes or her breathing & relaxation workshop.

(If you take our WOW! Hypnobirthing course the tracks are all included with the course, so you don't need to buy them separately.)

Choose from any of the following titles:


  • Pregnancy Relaxation
  • Releasing Fears & Worries
  • Birth Rehearsal: straightforward vaginal birth
  • Birth Rehearsal: planned caesarean birth
  • Background Music

All the spoken recordings last 25 to 30 minutes. The music is 40 minutes. All recordings are £10 each (free when included in a WOW! Hypnobirthing 1- or 2-day course). Buy 3 spoken tracks and the background music will be included for free.

Below is a short sample of the Pregnancy Relaxation recording taken from roughly half way through, where you'd probably be feeling dreamy, calm and kind of drifty. The speech is deliberately slow and gentle at this point to enhance the sense of peace.


Pregnancy Relaxation sampleZana Parker
00:00 / 01:31

What is each audio download for?

Pregnancy Relaxation helps you feel calmer and more connected with your baby at any stage of pregnancy. You might like to use it after a long day at work, before or after a midwife or doctor appointment, to reduce feelings of stress or anxiety, if you'd like to feel calmer, if you're after some 'me and my baby' time to help you connect and bond a little more deeply with your baby. 


Releasing Fears & Worries is great for helping you release the worries you're aware of as well as those niggly back-of-the-mind kind of doubts or uncertainties that creep in from time-to-time. It uses story and metaphor to help your brain gently find ways of letting go of unhelpful worries, concerns or fears.


Birth Rehearsal is a complete walk-through of a labour and birth. It creates links between your mind and body, between events and your responses to those events. If you listen regularly towards the end of your pregnancy you'll notice yourself feeling more confident and prepared for birth. The Birth Rehearsal for Caesarean Birth track is available if you're planning a caesarean birth. It is designed to help you feel less nervous, more confident and more connected with your baby.


Background Music. All Zana's spoken tracks have this music in the background. It was specially commissioned for Zana's 'WOW! Hypnobirthing' audio downloads and isn't available anywhere else. If you've listened to the spoken tracks during your pregnancy your mind will associate this music with you feeling calm, relaxed and confident. You can play the music at any time, before during or after birth, to help you feel those lovely positive calm vibes again.


Birth Partner's Track. Unfortunately the birth partner's track isn't available separately outside our WOW! Hypnobirthing course. This is because it refers to things you would have practised during the course to help reinforce that learning. Sorry, but the only way you can access this track is to take the course!

How to use your audio downloads

You can't get this wrong - oh except if you're driving or operating machinery whilst listening. Please don't do this!


You'll need to be somewhere quiet, comfortable and undisturbed. Put your phone on silent, curl up so you feel comfy and supported and switch on the download. Let the words and music wash over you without 'trying' to achieve anything. You might be aware of every word and not feel very relaxed at all! That's fine. You might think you've fallen asleep and you miss bits or even large chunks of it. That's fine too.


All spoken tracks include a certain amount of focus on breathing, relaxation and visualisation. Don't worry if you think you're no good at visualisation. It's more about having a sense of place than a need to clearly 'see' - perhaps more sensation than visualisation.


You'll know when it's finished because Zana will count from 1 to 5 and say "Eyes open..."


For best results listen two or three times a week.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Health & safety

These are hypnobirthing audio tracks so they use hypnosis techniques.  They help to prepare your mind and body for calm, confident pregnancy and birth. The content will suit most pregnant people. However, if you are in any doubt about your suitability for hypnosis please ask your GP whether it's safe for your circumstances. Some people with particular physical or mental health conditions are advised not to use hypnosis. Please see the NHS website (and your own doctor) for further information.

IMPORTANT: Please do not listen to any of these downloads whilst driving or operating machinery. 

How to get your audio downloads

If you'd like to purchase any of Zana's audio downloads send Zana an email and let her know what you'd like.

All tracks are £10 each. If you buy 3 spoken tracks you'll also receive the background music for free.

Zana will send you payment details by email.

Once full payment has been received, Zana will email you a link where you can listen to and/or download your tracks. 

Audio sample
What the tracks are for
How to listen to the tracks
How to get the tracks
Health & safety
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