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Free things!

Free Hypnobirthing-style audio: releasing fears & worries

This is an audio recording I made at the beginning of the pandemic in response to the huge amount of fear and anxiety that was in the air at the time. It has no mention of pregnancy, labour or birth and is suitable for most adults. 

At the time I wasn't able to work, so I thought I'd put my free time to good use and produce this for anyone who wanted it. It's in the style of my hypnobirthing audio recordings, but out of necessity at the time, it was recorded at home and not professionally in a studio, but it is still perfectly listenable. If you're considering taking a hypnobirthing course with me, or if you just fancy buying my hypnobirthing audios, this download will give you an example of what to expect. It's full-length - no half measures! It lasts around 30-ish minutes. For best effect you'll listen to it 2 or 3 times a week.


If you'd like access to this recording you'll need to email me for a Dropbox link. Don't worry - I won't continually hassle you!


Free Online Antenatal Course

Yep, I really have created (well, am in the middle of creating) a free, online, antenatal course that you can currently access for as long as you like.

I'm creating this course for anyone who is ready to consider preparing for birth, whether that's first-time parents, parents who've had one or more babies before and those for whom pregnancy and birth has been problematic. It could also be valuable for people who aren't pregnant yet and who would like to start a family but who are also really scared of birth. 

Why would I give away a whole course, you might ask?!

My reasons for doing it include...

  1. It's unashamedly advertising me and what I do! Hopefully you'll trust me, like what I do and how I do it, and spread the word. You, or someone you know,  might even want to engage me for some paid-for services too

  2. It's somewhere to place just some of my accumulated knowledge and ("ahem!") wisdom from the last 25 years or so

  3. Sometimes people can't afford private antenatal classes and I don't want cost to be a barrier to accessing some decent quality (ok, "ahem!" again) antenatal education and preparation

  4. I think the focus of most antenatal education is on the medical aspects and not the 'human' ones. I 'm not convinced this is always helpful, so I aim to shift the emphasis.

The course is all hosted on my YouTube channel, @birthingwithconfidence. 

You can go straight to the course here or read on to find out a bit more about it.


This free antenatal course is different from most others (whether free or not) in a few ways...

  • I'm a qualified, accredited Counsellor as well as a properly qualified Antenatal Educator

  • I've combined my expertise to extend this course into a more holistic offering, aiming to make it more human-focused rather than purely medically-focused

  • You'll be encouraged to consider how you feel throughout. You're not a medical textbook so neither should your birth preparation look or sound like one. Feelings are a large part of what forms 'lasting memory', so they're really important

  • To get most benefit from the course, you'll need a journal. It doesn't have to be fancy - just a pile of paper and a folder to keep it in will do, or you can buy a lovely notebook and some gorgeous pens. You'll get more from my course if you're involved and engaged

  • Acknowledgement of difficult, or even traumatic, births is included because it's a big part of some people's experience and shouldn't be overlooked or side-lined. There are no stories deliberately describing upsetting events

If you want to join my free antenatal course, you can find the modules so far (it's work in progress!) on YouTube here

Published modules so far are...

  • Introduction - to me, the course and what you'll need

  • Part 1: Why feelings are so important (in the context of pregnancy/birth and this antenatal course)

  • Part 2: Story of a straightforward birth (a talk-through, from the labouring woman's point of view, with background photos - no close-ups! The story is a home-birth, but could be relevant in any setting. It's a way of providing you an overview of a straightforward birth)

  • Part 3: Positive birth & traumatic birth (a discussion of what does and doesn't contribute to either outcome, and that neither is your fault!)

  • Part 4: Birth place choice, including safety and statistics (and feelings!) Also, an introduction to calm breathing

  • Part 5: Birth hormones and the adrenaline effect, and considering birth 'plans'

There are more to come.

'Likes', encouragement and buying me the occasional coffee might spur me onwards!! Thank you! 

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