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Emma had a phobia of hospitals and planned a home birth with her first baby with the support of her husband, Jim. She practised all her hypnobirthing skills during pregnancy and coped brilliantly, even during a hospital transfer. Emma describes Max's birth as traumatic but says that hypnobirthing helped her preserve her sanity!

Alison and Carl had their first baby at home 20 days beyond their due date. Alison found that Natal Hypnotherapy helped her to remain calm during pregnancy and to remember to breathe effectively during labour.

Birth story Alison & Carl

Fiona & Jon had their 2nd baby in labour ward in hospital. Fiona found that the Natal Hypnotherapy class helped her feel more optimisitic at the end of her pregnancy and both she and Jon had a very positive birth experience this time!

Inspiring Positive Birth Stories to Download

Birth story Fiona & Jon

Karen & Tim had their first baby at home in their bedroom. Karen found using the Natal Hypnotherapy triggers and her affirmations as well as visualising "turning down the pain dial" really helpful. She thought she'd want a waterbirh but changed her mind on the day.


Birth story Karen & Tim

D and P had a very difficult first birth experience. When pregnant again they came to Natal Hypnotherapy on recommendation of their Consultant Midwife. D became much less anxious and feels she has learnt skills for life, even though she did have another caesarean.

Birth story D & P

Helen developed PTSD after the birth of her first son. Her Consultant Midwife recommended Natal Hypnotherapy. Despite suffering with PGP and being induced due to pre-eclampsia, Helen & James found Natal Hypnotherapy invaluable. Helen acheived the birth she had dreamed of and feels elated and empowered.

Birth story Helen & James

Sarah & Miles did the Natural Pain Relief class with Zana and the Practical Birth Preparation with Barbara whilst pregnant with their first baby. Sarah was classed as a high risk pregnancy and wanted to learn ways of keeping her birth experience as straightforward and natural as possible. Miles proved to be an amazing birth partner!

Birth Story Sarah & Miles

Emma and Joe had their first baby in Singapore and wanted to find a way to reduce Emma's fears around medicalised birth. Emma wanted to feel more confident and calm and they both wanted to learn ways to help labour go more smoothly this time. They chose to give birth in hospital and had an empowering and quick birth!

Birth story Emma & Joe

As first time parents Lauren & Ioannis were feeling anxious about the "unknown" of labour. They enrolled on Zana's NCT course and added a Natal Hypnotherapy Natural Pain Relief day to broaden their skill-set. Lauren birthed their 9lb 7oz son calmly in the pool in the New Forest Birth Centre.

Birth story Lauren & Ioannis

Katie and Ceri had their first baby in hospital. Katie found that Natal Hypnotherapy helped her remain calm and confident and even distorted time so that her labour seemed much quicker than it was. It also helped her cope with a small amount of medical intervention just before her baby's birth.

Birth story Katie & Ceri

Carys and Matt had their first baby at home in a birth pool. They attended Zana's hypnobirthing course and found the skills they learned, along with yoga for pregnancy, to be perfect for labour. When Carys was pregnant again they saw Zana for a recap and their 2nd baby was also born at home, quite a bit faster!

Birth story Carys & Matt

Claire and Chris had a difficult first birth and were tempted to elect for a caesarean next time. After learning more about how birth works and attending Zana's hypnobirthing course, Claire felt more confident and planned a homebirth. Her skills became invaluable during a hospital transfer and her experience was really positive.

Birth story Claire & Chris

4 days from her due date with her 2nd baby, Izabela wanted to learn about effective breathing & relaxation to help her remain calm and more in control. She was feeling unheard and upset and feared a repeat of her 1st birth, with lots of medicalisation, rather than the natural birth she wanted. She booked 2 hrs with Zana and.......!!

Birth story Izabela

Lauren really wanted a homebirth but events kept conspiring against her and she really needed to fight her corner to acheive what she wanted, culminating in the experience she had hoped for. Her short testimonial is a testament to her tenacity and stronger sense of self-belief.

Testimonial: Lauren & Dave

The downloadable stories below are from women and their partners, just like you, who wanted to share their stories with you, so please do read them. These previous clients want you to know that birth doesn't have to be scary. They want you to know that, just like them, you can learn to remain calm, to feel in control and to feel empowered, even if labour isn't straightforward and needs medical help. Our courses aren't about promising you pain free natural birth; they're about empowerment, coping strategies and feeling in control, with a birth partner who knows how to help effectively in a way that suits you.

Angela found her first birth tough so she and Wayne wanted to feel more confident and capable this time. It worked! On the day, Angela felt calm, in control and focused on her breathing. Wayne knew exactly what to do, and when, without Angela needing to speak, and was a fantastic birth partner. An empowering experience!

Birth story Angela & Wayne

Your birth story could be here!

Your birth story starts here! Birth story Emma & Jim