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Our hypnobirthing antenatal courses can really make a difference to you and your birth partner. Just have a read of these amazing positive birth stories from women who benefited from our hypnobirthing courses. They felt calmer in pregnancy, more capable in labour and well supported by their partners.


Wondering how you can feel strong, empowered and capable too?


We run two-day hypnobirthing antenatal courses but we can also tailor a course to make it more personal to you, or to take into account any prior learning you have done (eg: NCT Signature course). The first day focuses on the theory and practice of self-hypnosis for birth. The second day focuses more on the physical aspects of birth as well as informed decision-making. We welcome clients from all over Southampton, Salisbury, Winchester, Romsey, the New Forest, Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire - and beyond! For best results we recommend you enrol on the full 2-day course and afterwards you can keep practising all the techniques you will learn on the run up to your baby's birth. To help you, you will receive exclusive Natal Hypnotherapy tracks to listen to, only available to course participants, as well as a comprehensive book to remind you of everything you'll learn. You can also choose to attend our weekly Relaxation Hour (at the New Forest Birth Centre, Ashurst) to keep you topped up. If you're not sure if hypnobirthnig is for you, please contact us so we can help you decide. We won't be pushy!


We don't make any promises of a pain-free natural birth because that would be unprofessional. However we believe that our hypnobirthing courses will help you feel more calm, more positive, will reduce fear or anxiety and will provide you with realistic easy-to-learn techniques to help you and your birth partner manage your experience much better, whether you're planning a home birth, hospital birth and if you need more medical care.


Download a booking form using the link on this page.

Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes

What to Expect

Antenatal hypnobirthing courses are run by Zana or her colleague, Barbara. Both Zana and Barbara are qualified in Hypnosis for Childbirth, as well as being NCT Antenatal Teachers with a DipHE in Antenatal Education (level 5) and over 40 years' combined experience of working with new parents!  In addition, Barbara has a background in Midwifery and is a clinical hypnotherapist. Zana is a qualified Counsellor and works in private practice.

Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner training is accredited by

the Royal College of Midwives (RCM)

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"Zana's relaxed and friendly approach made me feel immediately comfortable around her and very trusting of what she was doing. Zana's "hypno voice" was fantastic."



"Would definitely recommend"

Mark - Suzanne's husband

"Really enjoyed the day and feel confident I have the techniques I need for a peaceful and calm birth." Emma

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