Due to the current pandemic and restrictions on travel, along with social distancing rules, all classes, courses and meetings will be held online using Zoom until further notice.

Costs are as follows:

Private Antenatal Classes, tailored to your needs, for pregnant woman with or without one birth partner

2 hours: £69

3 hours: £89

4 hours: £118

Hypnobirthing Course, aimed at pregnant woman and one birth partner

Courses include 5 exclusive audio downloads, course materials and access to email support from Zana (if you feel the need) until just after your baby's birth. This course is usually provided over 2 full days in a small group, but during the pandemic and whilst we are working online, we will condense it into one day and deliver the course privately to you, tailored to your needs. The advantages to you are that it's private, it's tailored to you, you can ask any questions or air any concerns without embarrassment or worry. Don't worry about spending a whole day staring at a screen! Clients reliably inform me (Zana) that the time flies and I will ensure I incorporate plenty of time away from the screen.

1 day course: £250

During the pandemic, Zana will offer a 10% discount on the 1-day hypnobirthing course as long as the course is taken in 1 day. If the course is split across two separate sessions/two days the discount will not apply. With the discount for online working, the cost of the one-day hypnobirthing course is £225.

Breathing/Relaxation Workshop, for pregnant woman with or without birth partner

2 hours: £69

Hypnobirthing Audio Downloads (all included in Zana's hypnobirthing course, but currently also available to buy separately).

£10 each

Choose from:

Pregnancy Relaxation

Releasing Fears and Concerns

Labour Rehearsal/Walk-through

Background music alone, without voice

Counselling, on a 1-1 basis

Initial "assessment"/information-gathering session: £15

Weekly ongoing counselling: £40

If you don't see the option you were hoping for listed above, please do ask, as Zana may very well still be able to help, or refer you to someone else who is better placed professionally to do so, depending on your needs.

If you and your birth partner would like to work with Zana, please feel free to get in touch either by email: [email protected]

or by text/phone: 07905658386 or you can use the Contact page on this site.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.