About YOU

We want you to feel better about birth AND skilled to deal with it.

We know there's a huge variety of antenatal classes out there, offered by all kinds of people who are passionate about what they do. How on earth do you choose who or what to go with?! If any of the following are going through your mind, we can help...

  • I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed, or maybe frustrated, by all the choice.
  • I'm unsure who to take antenatal classes with; are the best antenatal classes run by health professionals, or someone who is specifically trained and qualified in antenatal education (or even both)?
  • I don't know what I need to know; maybe anything/everything?! Or maybe less is more? Is it better to just focus on breathing and relaxation? Or maybe I need to know more about epidurals, induction and caesareans?
  • What about my birth partner? What will they do? What do I want from them?
  • I'd like to think my birth partner and I will work together, as a team, but what if we feel silly, embarrassed, too far outside our comfort zone and the classes are pointless for us?
  • Loads of my friends have said their birth plans "went out of the window" anyway, so there's no point preparing for any particular kind of birth.... is there?
  • I've been told I'm "high risk" so I don't have any choices, so there's no point having antenatal classes, much less learning hypnobirthing.... is there?!
  • Equally, if I end up having a caesarean then what's the point of antenatal classes?
  • I've had a baby before but I want to make different decisions this time round, so I want something more specific to me.
  • It's confusing: sometimes I think I should find antenatal classes and other times ignorance is bliss. Help!

Before you commit to anything with us we want you to feel as sure as you can that by choosing antenatal classes, a hypnobirthing course, relaxation & breathing workshops, counselling, hypnotherapy - whatever you need - with one of us, that you're working with the right person for you.

If you feel comfortable and well-supported by us then you will feel more relaxed. If you feel relaxed, calm and confident (which we can help you with if you're not really feeling it yet) then learning is easier and so is your baby's birth and your journey into parenthood.

We want you to feel that working with us is time and money well spent and that you have invested wisely.

What's in it for us? Well, mainly amazing job satisfaction! And hopefully you'll feel moved to leave us some excellent reviews and tell other people about us!

Zana and Barbara have helped thousands of new and experienced parents feel better about birth. People, just like you, who when we first talked with them said they felt any of the following:

  • scared or anxious
  • pretty confident but wanted to keep it that way!
  • unsure about their options or what they'd be "allowed" to opt for
  • in denial
  • out of their depth or comfort zone
  • out of control or scared of losing control
  • OK as long as they didn't think about giving birth or having a baby
  • deskilled
  • traumatised

The good news is, you can feel better about birth and more prepared to have a baby! It really is possible!

We can't make any unprofessional promises about birth going smoothly on the day, or being completely pain free, but we can promise to help you feel more confident, less anxious and more skilled to cope better, whatever birth decisions you make, wherever and however your baby is born on the day.

Put another way, that means we can help whether you're planning a birth at home, in a birth centre or in hospital. We can help whether you're hoping for a straightforward "natural" birth, if you need additional medical care and if you're planning a caesarean.

A positive birth experience can take many forms and as far as antenatal education goes, we know, through our expertise and many years of experience, that one size doesn't fit all!