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If you have questions, would like more information or if you'd like to make a booking please either drop Zana an email or text/call using the following details:



If you're pregnant it's useful if you can add your due date and the area in which you live. Thank you. 

I look forward to hearing from you!






Courses/classes/workshops can take place privately in person or online.

In-person classes are either held in the comfort of your own home, or at Zana's home which is near Totton, Hampshire, UK.

Private WOW! Hypnobirthing courses may also be held at Barbara's home, near Romsey, Hampshire.

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About us


I’m Zana (rhymes with banana, if you’re not sure how to pronounce it!) and I’m the person behind Birthing with Confidence. I also work with my colleague, Barbara Wyant, offering our own independent WOW! Hypnobirthing course that we developed together.

We are two well-qualified and highly experienced antenatal educators with a passion for helping you feel better about birth as well as skilled to deal with it. If you want to read the longer version, please continue below! If reading all that looks a bit daunting, you're very welcome to talk to me and ask me anything you like about my background and professional experience. I'd be delighted to share the information with you. So here's the longer version....!

I have two children and due to how I felt during and after my first baby’s birth, I made very different choices when pregnant with my second baby. Having experienced first-hand how finding out more and doing things differently could have such a positive impact, I decided to train as an antenatal teacher to help you have the same opportunities to learn and choose what's right for you.

My original training was with NCT. The course was the most comprehensive available, taking 3 years to complete and later becoming university-validated at Level 5 . It prepared me to design and provide responsive, bespoke classes for groups and individuals rather than to follow a fixed agenda. I am qualified to teach about all types of birth and the skills that will help you through, as well as to help you adjust and navigate your way through those early days and weeks with your new baby. 

I added my hypnobirthing certificate in 2012, attained from an RCM (Royal College of Midwives) accredited course. Barbara and I undertook that training together and we have now combined all our skills and expertise from more than 20 years each to bring you our very own independent hypnobirthing course that we've called WOW! Hypnobirthing (and do feel free to ask us, "Why WOW!?"). We are currently offering our course privately, in person or online, during the pandemic.

Some years ago, I became intrigued about counselling and decided it would be useful to learn more to support my work with groups of pregnant parents. I decided to continue with professional training to qualify, which I did in 2010. I’m now an accredited Counsellor and have had my own private practice for over 10 years. Whilst I work with adults who bring a wide variety of concerns, I specialise in all things related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. I have also trained in Rewind Technique and EFT to help release difficult feelings connected to challenging or traumatic experiences. For safety, I incorporate these approaches within a counselling setting.

I've self-published a short e-booklet about understanding and managing anxiety, in a non-medical, no jargon way.

I have attended numerous update days, study days, conferences and training in addition to all the above during the last 20+ years. If you want to know anything about my training, qualifications or experience you are very welcome to ask.

During any spare time, I enjoy pottering in the garden, walking in the forest, live music, creativity, cooking and eating good food and sampling the odd glass of wine or real ale! I’m also getting used to being owned by a cat that adopted my partner and I during lockdown.

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