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Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training accredited by

Royal College of Midwives

for calm, confident, capable birth

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My name is Zana Parker and I am a professionally qualified Antenatal Teacher, licensed Natal Hypnotherapy hypnobirthng practitioner, qualified accredited Counsellor and NCT teacher with over 20 years' experience working with pregnant and new parents.


If you can't find what you're looking for please get in touch to see if I can help. See contact me page for details.

HYPNOBIRTHING COURSES - choice of group classes or private classes.


TAILORED, PRIVATE ANTENATAL CLASSES - 2 to 4 hours to suit you. Can cover just about anything you'd like re pregnancy, labour and birth and/or postnatal.


RELAXATION HOUR - Weekly class at New Forest Birth Centre, Ashurst, Hants. Increase your sense of well-being, confidence and connection with your baby during pregnancy.


COUNSELLING - One-to-one counselling from qualified accredited counsellor and antenatal teacher.



"We find Zana to be the perfect teacher. She's so enthusiastic and knowledgeable, makes the subject interesting, makes you feel relaxed and puts the information across clearly." Marisa

Antenatal Classes and Hypnobirthing Courses, in small groups or individually tailored private classes, from antenatal education expert in South Hampshire.