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Hypnobirthing Course Content

Hypnobirthing - complete antenatal course with Natal Hypnotherapy


The full course is 2 days (see below for content). If you prefer to take the course privately on a 1-1 basis we can tailor it more closely to your personal needs. If you have recently attended an NCT Signature course you might prefer to take only the Natural Pain Relief half of the course, although you are likely to benefit most from the complete 2-day course.


Our courses will help you prepare your body and mind for a calm, confident birth however and wherever your baby is born.


Included with your course is a comprehensive book to remind you of all you will learn, plus 4 exclusive Natal Hypnotherapy tracks to download that will help boost your confidence, release your anxieties and cope with pain.


Birth partners are strongly encouraged to attend both days, but women may also attend alone.


Class 1. Natural Pain Relief – self-hypnosis for birth - preparing your mind


The first of the two days focuses mainly on the theory and practise of self-hypnosis for birth, or hypnobirthing. Everything you learn can be used in any birth setting. The class is a full day during which you and your birth partner will...

  • Explore what hypnosis is (and isn't), how it works and how it is relevant to you

  • Learn how fear or anxiety can have a negative impact during labour

  • Find out about the basic emotional and instinctive needs of a labouring woman

  • Learn self-hypnosis skills to manage pain, overcome fear and increase self-confidence and trust

  • Experience three long hypnosis sessions to build your confidence and trust and absorb new coping strategies

  • Learn to recognise signs of raised adrenaline and what to do about it

  • Learn effective breathing and deep relaxation techniques

  • Practise rapid relaxation techniques for self-hypnosis so it works for you when you need it

  • Personalise the approach so it feels and sounds right for you and your birth partner

  • Identify ways to continue to practise and refine your skills between taking the course and doing it for real


This one-day class can be taken at any time during your pregnancy. Most parents take it between 27 and 36 weeks. It is the perfect complement to NCT / NHS classes, as it covers areas that are not covered on the majority of these courses.


Class 2. Practical Birth Preparation - physical process and practice - preparing your body


The second day combines theory and practical activities to help you and your birth partner completely prepare for labour and  birth. The class is a full day during which you and your birth partner will...

  • Be guided step by step through the labour and birth process from a physical as well as an emotional perspective

  • Learn how women's bodies work best during labour and what you can do to help

  • Gain an understanding of the role of birthing hormones and how you can encourage them to flow

  • Gain a clearer perspective on the origins of fear in the contemporary birth setting and unravel the myths behind it

  • Practise working with the body to increase effectiveness and manageability of contractions

  • Use a birth ball and massage techniques to increase comfort and relaxation

  • Explore effective ways to work with the medical team supporting you: asking questions, getting information

  • Experience two long hypnosis sessions to reinforce your positivity and confidence around birth

  • Create your personal dynamic birth plan bringing together everything you have learned over the 2 days  


This one-day class can be taken at any time during your pregnancy although most couples prefer to take it closer to the time of birth, perhaps at around 32 to 36 weeks.


This day forms a complete course when taken with the Natural Pain Relief day. It also works well with parents attending NCT or NHS classes as it covers elements such as the emotional impact of birth and physical techniques that are not covered on some other antenatal courses. If you have recently attended an NCT Signature course (rather than NCT Essentials or NHS classes run by NCT teachers) you may opt to book only the Natural Pain Relief day, although we believe best results are achieved by taking the complete 2-day course.

What to expect Natal Hypnotherapy

Zana is a warm, friendly and approachable person. I felt very comfy and relaxed. I found this a really valuable day, thank you."   Jade


"Really enjoyed it. Very calming for me as well as learning skills  to keep my partner calm."   Richard, Jade's husband

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